B R A N D   V A U L E S 


We believe in breaking traditional molds and create artistic solutions that honor the raw nature of each unique couple because your love story is a rare one. 


At Seeded, we are inspired by the idea that love has no limits, so we aim to break industry boundaries by creating innovative designs with unmatched quality.


Just as the seeded eucalyptus leaf symbolizes the disappearance of negative energy, our goal is to spread positivity while celebrating pure, unadulterated love.


We are deeply influenced and inspired by the eternal love our clients share and aim to create solutions that you will cherish for a lifetime.



Jenna Leak

Owner | Lead Planner & Floral Designer

Jenna here! 

Your go-to girl for all things wedding & design. I'm here to make your day as spunky & wild or as calm & elegant as you are! I love to create relationships with our brides & build trust so I can provide you with outstanding service during the entire planning & floral process. 

My favorite part of the wedding day is the transformation from the venue to the wedding of your dreams. I love when couples get the chance to view their space before all their guests, it makes for a special moment & such a relief seeing all the hard work pay off!

Animals | Pepé Le Pew & Penelope ( B&W Cats ) + Sarge, Sadie, & Samson ( the studio puppers )

Favorite Drink | Top Shelf Marg with Fresh Lime

Favorite Food | Half-priced Sushi

Fun Fact | I hate coffee & am scuba certified

Favorite Flower | butterfly ranunculus, sweetpeas, & brownie tulips


Lead Planner & Floral Designer

Kris here! I have over 10+ years of experience working events from the eyes of a planner and caterer-- I have seen it ALL, so nothing scares me anymore.


One of my favorite parts of weddings is when the music drops and the bride makes her entrance into the ceremony ( everyone is staring, and the groom is usually crying ) it just gives me chills, and 10/10 times I’ve got tears in my eyes knowing this is the moment we’ve been planning for. As well as the dance floor! - I’m no stranger to it and I will bust a move- turn on any throwback ’00s or trap songs, and I can’t help myself but dance. 


Days Off | with my husband, and our adorable daughter Millie

Favorite Activities binge-watching Netflix shows, cooking and baking, and french fries ( french fries are my love language )

The Perfect Weekend | love a good party - hosting my friends, drinking wine, listening to music, and conversation fuels my heart. 


Enough about me, let’s plan a party!


Assistant Planner 

Hi it’s me, Faith!


I’ve been in the event industry, alongside Jenna, since she graduated from Johnson & Wales. She made my childhood dream of working in the wedding industry, a reality. I used to sketch wedding dresses, make my mom buy me bridal magazines, and plan out my own wedding for as long as I can remember. After I worked my first wedding with Jenna, I was hooked. Getting to be apart of one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives, is such a cool experience. Each wedding is different, and it’s fun to see the couple’s personalities shine throughout their day. 


I used to say my favorite part of a wedding was watching the Groom, as his Bride walks towards him down the aisle. But now the final dance of the night, when everyone clears out, and the bride and groom have one last special moment. That’s my favorite part of the night. You get to see them smiling ear to ear, or oftentimes emotional over how special their day was. That’s when you know all your hard work has paid off. 

Favorite Activity | spending time with my husband, and our dog Waylon is at the top of my list. Hiking, working out, going for walks, & baking  

Fun FactI hate potatoes. Seriously, in any form. 

Bad Ass Florist

Momma Jean is a crowd favorite, floral genius, & Jenna's mother. Jean is the reason for Seeded and the spark that started the fire. 

Loves | Her studio puppers, skincare, all black clothing & a girls night out

Fun Fact | Prefers the beach over the mountains 

Favorite Flower | any that smell good or have a good bounce to them

Momma Jean

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