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Jenna Leak

Owner + Floral Designer 

Jenna here! 

Your go-to girl for all things wedding & design. I'm here to make your day as spunky & wild or as calm & elegant as you are! I love to create relationships with our brides & build trust so I can provide you with outstanding service during the entire planning & floral process. 

My favorite part of the wedding day is the transformation from the venue to the wedding of your dreams. I love when couples get the chance to view their space before all their guests, it makes for a special moment & such a relief seeing all the hard work pay off!

Animals | Pepé Le Pew & Penelope ( B&W Cats ) + Sarge, Sadie, & Samson ( the studio puppers )

Favorite Drink | Top Shelf Marg with Fresh Lime

Favorite Food | Half-priced Sushi

Fun Fact | I hate coffee & am scuba certified

Favorite Flower | anything funky & odd


B R A N D   V A U L E S 


We believe in breaking traditional molds and create artistic solutions that honor the raw nature of each unique couple because your love story is a rare one. 


At Seeded, we are inspired by the idea that love has no limits, so we aim to break industry boundaries by creating innovative designs with unmatched quality.


Just as the seeded eucalyptus leaf symbolizes the disappearance of negative energy, our goal is to spread positivity while celebrating pure, unadulterated love.


We are deeply influenced and inspired by the eternal love our clients share and aim to create solutions that you will cherish for a lifetime.



01. seeded eucalytpus
        artistic floral design inspired by the seeded eucalyptus plant

02. refined 
        upscale typography to evoke a sense of quality and elevation

03. positivity
      rays of the floral element radiate outward to symbolize the idea of spreading positivity and the disappearance of negative energy.
04. natural
        weathered texture to create a sense of depth, soul, imperfection, and authenticity

05. pair
        the two intertwined seeded florals represent two people coming together as one

06. boundless
        the leaves break the oval boundary to evoke the idea of limitless love and breaking industry boundaries

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