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Recently Engaged | Where to Start Planning

Just engaged and starting the wedding planning process?! First thing first, congratulations! We are so excited to have you here with us! Through our years of wedding florals and planning, there is nothing more exciting than the first few months of being engaged and planning your wedding (other than the big day of course!) We understand that when you first start planning it's overwhelming in both a good and bad way sometimes. But rest assured, we are here to provide couples with resources to help along the process!

So here are some tips that our team has gathered to share with you for a great place to begin your planning!

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Set the Scene

  1. Consider locations | Do you want mountains, water front, French inspired, luxury hotels, or even industrial? Any of these are obtainable with the right planner to guide you. Believe it or not, you can even get almost all of these options in the greater Charlotte Area! We understand it is hard to decide, but think about some of your favorite places to visit. Consider how options like the above make you feel in the space, and pick your favorite. Takes a little decisiveness, but your planner can help guide you to know what the right fit is!

  2. Time of year | Think about weather if you are considering an outside venue, time of year will matter for outside comfort. As for inside venues, you have much more freedom to work with. But remember when it comes to planning a wedding, time is your friend. We recommend planning at least a year out. Another hidden plus that comes from that is making time to save up for your big day!

  3. Design | Think about what styles fit you as a couple. Making your wedding match your style will always ensure your big day is unique. Your planner and florist will work together to make sure that your big day is cohesive and eternal. Did we mention Seeded Events offers both floral and planning services to ensure your dreams have no limits!

  4. Size | Always dream of the day you get married and there are 200+ people there? Does that excite you, or does it make you a little more overwhelmed? There is no limit to who you should share the love with, but size and budget go hand and hand. If you are wanting to go all out, but are working with a fixed budget, keep that in mind when creating the guest list.

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Contact a Planner

  1. From big picture to small details, planners literally do it all. Such as helping negotiate vendor needs, knowing who the ideal vendors are, keeping the unexpected needs kits, and coordinating every aspect of your big day and vendors so that you do not have to worry one bit. Seriously, planners do it all!

  2. We understand that when it comes to a wedding, everything can come as a sticker shock. We get it, but you can find a planner within any budget. Shop around, ask about different packages, and don’t be afraid to ask your other vendors for referrals! But also do not forget to work your planner into your budget. Staying organized is essential for success, trust us!

  3. Most importantly - get to know your planners before booking - schedule a call or meet up! You will want to ensure you and your planned vibe so you can go to them for anything. Think of your planner as your second Maid of Honor - a bff you can comfortably tell if you hate the design or if you are swooning over their ideas. At the end of the day, you will need to be able to trust your planner because we are truly here to make sure your dream comes true and take all the stress away.

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  1. We know it’s all easier said than done, but try to focus on the overall concept you want to accomplish. Do you want to have things easy for your guests, do you want to have a statement design, or just throw the best damn party ever?! Get that clear vision and bring it all to your planner and designer.

  2. The venue and the date are going to be the most common first things decided for couples. Your venue is the foundation of your design. Make sure that you discuss your end goals with the venue to make sure your vision can come true! Next your florist and planner are going to be the backbone of your design, so make sure to get on their calendar as soon as possible too!

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Celebrate your new engagement!

  1. Share the great news with your closest friends and family before you send out your big announcement. But after that, make sure to get your favorite picture of you and your fiancé posted for extended friends and family to see and share!

  2. Getting married is all about celebration, so then go ahead and get to planning your engagement party with your friends and family! No better way to get the excitement out than a good party! If you need help with planning and executing the engagement party, reach out to us - our team can put together a proposal!